Our Offer


Price list

Initial charge
5,58 zł
2,25 zł/km
3,37 zł/km
4,50 zł/km
6,75 zł/km
1 hour parking
43 zł
Course with child seat
+ 5,00 zł to indicate the taximeter
Course with two child seat
+ 10,00 zł to indicate the taximeter
The smallest value of the course taxi
15,00 zł
Dirty seat
50 zł
Damage seat
Return equivalent seat

We operate mainly in Łódź city but we also realize trips outside the city.

We offer our customers a transport service which is tailored to the height and weight of a small passengers. We adapt the size of the car seat to the weight and height of the child. We transport children in the city Łódź to all the places depending on customer needs.

fotelik 0-13 kgbaby carrier for the smallest children who are not sitting yet
fotelik 0-18 kg for bigger children who are between lying and sitting moment
fotelik 9-18 kg for children who are sitting and looking around
fotelik 15-36 kg – for children who still need safety trvelling Seat
stand – seat